Tuesday, May 01, 2012


The Obama machine, which I sent a donation too last week, sent out a missive to bloggers today coming down on the oil boys.  This is after the White House forced the resignation at the request of Oklahoma oil Senator Inhofe of the EPA administrator for this region.  All because of a poorly chosen metaphor he  uttered over two years ago.  This is the kind of crap that keeps me from being jubilant about Obama.  If the administrator had other problems then I understand the decision, but a metaphor?  Maybe this time a highly qualified person for this post to take could get the job. That would be former New Mexico Environment Secretary Ron Curry.  He was runner-up to get this post three years ago.

County Commissioners, in reference to Commissioner Weiner's strolling a red light district in the Philippines, says elected officials must be ethical.  This is after they voted to give Lowe's Home Improvement Center a giant tax incentive while the corporation was blatantly dissing the American Muslim Community by pulling advertising from a Muslim American Reality show at the request of fundamentalist Christians.

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