Sunday, May 20, 2012

Congressional Debate

Right after the Congressional debate last night on KOAT TV between Eric Griego, Marty Chavez and Michelle Grisham Lujan the station did an unscientific call in poll to see who voters liked the most.  Michelle won with over 50%.  However, after the first four hours of polling the Griego and Chavez campaigns fired up their  faithful and over took Lujan.   It tells me that the people who actually watched the so called debate preferred the lady candidate.  So much for unscientific polls.

As for the TV appearances by the candidates I was struck by the naiveté of all of them thinking they could hit the ground running and get things done.  As freshman democratic congress members they would be lucky to have someone show them where the rest rooms are.  That is just the way that system works back there.  Even if the Democrats pull off a miracle and win the house back from the Tea Party nut cases.

I do think it would be very interesting for some polling to be done on how television news watchers vote versus Albuquerque Journal readers.  My gut feeling tells me there might  be a big difference.  It would be a really interesting cross tab to read.  If it is ever done by the stations or newspaper itself we would probably never get to see that information.  So much for their demands on transparency!


Bubba Muntzer said...

She has already used part of your blog post for her campaign, in an email I got today. She uses the first paragraph.

I liked the second paragraph myself, about new members being shown where the rest rooms are. If she'd have used that one I'd have voted for her.

Ken said...

Griego did exactly what was to be expected from a candidate with a record of failure in the debate. The first time he mentioned legislation he worked to pass, it was something that failed. Throughout the debate he continued to talk about other pieces of legislation he failed to pass.

Watch a video of Griego talking about his work, or lack thereof, in the Senate at the link below.

Donald F. Schiff said...

Dear Gods, Ken, will you give it a rest? Your sockpuppet comments are ridiculous. Tim Keller and Dede Feldman refuted this ignorant line of attack in a DFNM post two and a half weeks ago.