Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hooray for Obama's definitive statement on same sex marriage.  Soon, no one who is against this will be around to whine about it because they will be dying off.  Back in 1998 or so when I was Mayor I extended city employee benefits to same sex couples.  Health insurance and such benefits that traditional couples would have had.  The bible thumpers said I would roast in hell and be forever damned in the eyes of the public.  I can tell you I have never been accosted on the street by anyone for taking that position.  I might have been a little ahead of the game but I never thought it was a bad thing to do.  After all, who would want anyone to go without health insurance?  Oh yeah, just every republican tea party type in this decade.

The attacks by a democratic/union controlled Super Pac on the primary election opponent of state legislator Sheryl Williams Stapleton makes my stomach turn.  The Independent Source Pac says Cara Valente Compton's campaign consultant Steve Cabiedes is a republican operative.  What a load of crap!  And who would care about a consultant anyway?  I know Steve and he is about as republican as Franklin Roosevelt.  This Super Pac is like all the rest.  Full of lies and innuendo. I thought this PAC would be smarter.  Anything they might do is now suspect to me.  They should use their money against the right wing....not against center left democrats.


Donald F. Schiff said...

Jim, you're so right about same-sex marriage. Its time has clearly come, NC's retrogression notwithstanding.

I also agree about ISPAC, which is largely funded by union money, I've heard. I'd expect this kind of tin- foil hattery from the tea-party crowd, but not from Democrats. Candidates who use vile tactics, or allow others to do so on their behalf deserve to lose, regardless of other considerations. I have certainly withdrawn my support from candidates who resorted to underhanded tactics before. In my view, Rep. Williams-Stapleton should distance herself from this garbage right away, or she'll almost certainly lose the precincts in which it was distributed. Nob Hill Democrats are pretty savvy, and they turn out in numbers. ISPAC's attack could hurt Sheryl badly.

The HD-19 primary is not about issues or political philosophy. Both Rep. Sheryl Williams-Stapleton and Cara Valente-Compton are quite liberal. Sheryl is a union member herself and a member of our Democratic House leadership. Unfortunately, she has lost touch with the voters of her district, who have every right to make demand more attention to their opinions and needs. More than one member of leadership has lost a race because they ignored their constituents.

I don't live in HD-19, so I don't have to make a difficult choice. Gail Chasey is my Representative, most likely as long as she chooses to serve in the House. However, 3 of the precincts in my Ward have been redistricted into HD-19, so people whom I am closely connected must make a choice. Many voters whom I have talked to want a chastened, more responsive Sheryl Williams-Stapleton to represent them, which is often the best result of a primary challenge to an incumbent office-holder. However, unless Sheryl disavows ISPAC's despicable, baseless rumor-mongering, I'm going to have to tell my people to vote for Cara.

Steve Cabiedes said...

Thank You Jim Baca for your supporting words. You have never been afraid to say what you think publicly, even when you are the first amongst leaders. Maybe that IS why you have been a leader.