Sunday, May 06, 2012

Goes Around

For most of his political career former Mayor Marty Chavez enjoyed a mutual admiration society membership with the Albuquerque Journal.  He could do no wrong when he was sprawling the city and feeding the raw materials into the upcoming mortgage/banking meltdown.  He did it unknowingly but he did it to keep his backers and the Journal happy.

Today the scales tipped the other way with a front page investigative story into his relationship with a woman who has allegedly embezzled several million dollars from a hospital in Santa Fe.  This happens in the middle of his attempt to win a democratic congressional primary election.  Apparently his relationship with her started earlier than he had indicated in prior stories in the paper.  Thus, the Journal feels it was lied to and that is one thing you don't want to do with those editors.  Goes around....Comes around kind of thing.

Now the Journal will have difficulty in endorsing Chavez.  If they don't endorse someone in this Democratic Congressional race between Chavez, Eric Griego and Michelle Grisham Lujan, then they fall right into the lap of those who accuse them of being anti democrat.  They won't be endorsing Griego unless the world starts spinning backwards.  That leaves Michelle Grisham Lujan hoping for nod from the right wing paper.  It could happen.


Anonymous said...

But didn't Marty basically emsprawzzle Albuquerque's future? Why did he love every new development across the river and let the downtown slide into nothingness? How come he let Rio Rancho get the sports arena instead of pushing like hell to keep it in the city – in the downtown where the developers wanted it to go? What about the promise to keep the Montano Bridge to one lane? Very slippery fellow.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chavez has a lot of explaining to do regarding his relationship with Ms. Mares over the same period that she was allegedly embezzling millions. It's laughable that he claims it wasn't a serous relationship with all the calls and trips together. Sounds like hanky-panky to me.

Anonymous said...
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