Friday, May 11, 2012


The only time I have seen the Albuquerque Journal expend much ink on fat cats before is never.  But this recently deceased kitty that weighed 30 plus pounds got an above the fold headline in today's paper.  Maybe next week they could do a story on fat cats in the oil industry continuing to get subsidies from underemployed Americans.  Names would be nice.  Fat chance on those fat cats.

New Mexico's jobless figures went up again.  It is time for Governor Martinez and the legislature to give us a program that would put people to work.  Martinez should at least beef up her economic development team.  It was good to see that the Tres Amigas power grid interconnect project will locate its operations center in Albuquerque.  That was a project that was highly supported by Governor Bill Richardson.  Tres Amigas will be a junction for the nations three power grids.

Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton says she has not seen that Super Pac flyer that attacks her primary election opponent.  Why does that make her seem even a little duplicitous?  She says she doesn't want to see it.  Honesty would have worked better here.  This Super Pac bullying for political parties is the kind of thing that leads to us having a republican governor.  Susanna Martinez started life as a democrat but was seemingly not welcomed and then morphed to the dark side.

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