Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fire Someone

Time for the Governor's chief of staff to fire someone for allowing the Governor on that plane that landed with the gear still tucked away.  And if this was a political event then her political manager should be fired.  Amateurs!  Apparently, this same pilot crashed another plane a year or two ago.  Will the media investigate how she was allowed to fly with this guy?


Donald F. Schiff said...

Good point, Jim.

Vicki said...

The pilot, Sid Strebeck, is a political supporter of Republicans and probably was doing it as a favor - check out if he was paid by the government a fair market price for his lift of the Guv and entourage. Susana said mistakes happen and she wouldn't hesitate to fly with him again. And what does that tell us about the Guv's judgment?

Bubba Muntzer said...

I see that a couple blogsters searched for his name, which turns up some shady business dealings in Clovis and over in Texas,
too, it looks like.

I haven't even seen NTSB mentioned in any of the media outlets. The National Transportation Safety Board is in charge of investigating aviation accidents. This appears to be one where the pilot just self reports, and it will take awhile for that to show up on their web site. The most recent one from New Mexico is from a January accident and was posted in February. It involved landing gear, too. The pilot just fills in a long form -- type of plane, weather, etc., type of landing gear even, and there's spaces for saying what happened.

That one is here. It's a pdf file:

But, if this guy has a history of accidents, that may get flagged, or media attention could get them to look into it. The NTSB is a very media sensitive organization. The government definitely wants people to have confidence in air travel. Whenever there's an accident that draws a lot of media attention the head of the agency flies out there and holds daily press conferences personally and the investigation is expedited.

But they will take your calls and someone from the Journal and Santa Fe paper should be calling them.