Tuesday, May 22, 2012


What now?  The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force says PSA tests for prostate cancer in men don't mean much.  I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer three years ago after a PSA test showed elevated results.  I then had a biopsy that showed minimal cancer cells and my wise Doctor said to just watch and wait.  The last PSA test showed stabilized numbers and he told me to call back in a year for another physical examination.  I assume the PSA test will not be part of it.  All of this is leading to lots of confusion for men.  Should one even get a biopsy based on elevated PSA numbers.  Biopsies are pretty invasive.  Glad I didn't opt for surgery.  It must all be pretty confusing for Doctors too.

Yesterday as we were playing golf at the UNM South Course the amount of military training flights coming in and out of Kirtland AFB was heavy.  Those ridiculous and dainty Ospry aircraft that resemble flying food blenders, C-130s, BlackHawk choppers and Hueys were all over the airspace.  Burning more fuel that most of us would use in a lifetime.  Think of the cost of the aviation fuel alone and how that might rebuild whole transportation systems in our own country.  And so I am a little put out about why my favorite Senate candidate, Congressman Martin Heinrich, opted to vote for the republican defense budget bill.  I know there are certain political realities in New Mexico politics where the defense industry wields so much power and can influence votes via their secret contributions to super pacs.  This bill even allows the military to use propaganda domestically.  Very scary stuff and I am very hopeful that Martin is just using a sucker punch here.  Of course, there is always the alternative to Martin.  That would be Heather Wilson who was an enabler of bush/cheney wars and tax cuts and torture and the list goes on and on.  Really, the choice is so easy in the end.

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Rodney said...

I'm still waiting for an explanation from Martin's campaign on his support for the CMRR. That $6Billion would be better spent on subsidizing solar energy development.