Wednesday, May 09, 2012


North Carolina is off my tourism list.  Just like Arizona.  I wonder if there will be many places left to go visit in this country for a guy like me.  I had actually thought about going to North Carolina because I heard they had some really nice golf courses and I had never been there.  Their biblically inspired constitutional amendment against gay marriage relegates them to a state of hate.  In the name of Jesus.  Hanging around New Mexico looks better and better.  Other than our Governor's xenophobia on undocumented workers we all seem to live and let live around here.

And then there is West Virginia.  They gave a convicted and imprisoned felon 40% of the vote in the Presidential Primary yesterday.  Keith Judge ran against me in 1997 for Mayor.  He got 50 votes.  I guess he knew better than to stick around the Land of Enchantment and he took his snake oil ministry east.


Vicki said...

"What a Country!" says Russian emigre and comedian Yakov Smirnoff from his comedy show in Branson, MO. It's a democracy and has always had outrageous candidates and points of view. I cherish that we have such a right to speak out freely. Howwever, Thomas Jefferson cautioned that a democracy can only function well if it's citizens have free and universal education. Today we have large regions and states that eschew education as too expensive and snobbish. And where prejudice and narrow-mindedness is strongly rooted, we see ignorance and intolerance reinforced in an anti-intellectual and xenophobic atmosphere. In 2011, when I visited Branson, that same Yakov questioned President Obama's citizenship during his show and country music great Jim Owens said Muslims weren't welcome at his show. During that trip, I found in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma a homogenity of evangelical Christian, anti-Obama, anti-government, pro-gun, anti-Obamacare "group think". When they were devastated by the immense spring tornadoes, these same communities were comforted by government relief agencies, governemnt healthcare, and $$$ from the multi-ethnic taxpayers and donors of other states. Our unified Republic has made America strong, but some of our states spit on our flag and the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, and will not recognize that the blood shed to keep us free, strong and united came from all races, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations. "What a Country!" Jim, staying away is probably not a good idea. These states are demographically changing as more enlightened people visit, work and move there.

Rodney said...

Now Jim, you shouldn't deny yourself the pleasure of visiting Asheville NC. Lovely place, very progressive (very much unlike the rest of that redneck hillbilly paradise). Hard part is getting there. You can fly SWA to Raliegh-Durham, or either Greenville/Sparanburg SC (airport's actually in Greer, a little place I've gotten familiar with), or Charlotte SC. Trouble is, as effed up as NC is, SC is worse.