Friday, May 18, 2012


I am on the Board of the Latino Sustainability Institute.  We have completed a questionnaire of Senate and Congressional candidates on public land issues.  Please see it here.

This all comes as the fossil fuels industry continues its quest to destroy the quality of life on our planet so they can reap windfall profits. I will never understand what makes these people tick.  They must have really mutated brains.   Now they have turned their sights on Senator Jeff Bingaman's attempts at a vigorous growth in renewable energy.

 I am reading a rather dystopian novel right now called "The Drowned Cities."  It is written by Paolo Bacigalupi who is one of the newest and finest scifi authors around.  I am reading all of his books.  Start with his "Windup Girl" and then "Ship Breakers."  His books show a grim future for our planet and does it with great story telling.

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