Monday, June 18, 2012


One can only wonder who is the first to get beheaded in this government data mining by the Governor's political hacks.  My best bet is that the one lowest in the food chain will get absolutely fired before this is finished.  And it will be a government employee and not a political consultant.  Say former journalist turned p.r. guy for the Public Education Department, Larry Behrens.

I know how this stuff works.  He was eager to please the Governor's handlers and fundraisers.  So, he naively and without legal counsel, just gave them what they wanted.  Was there anyone standing over his shoulder and saying, "Maybe you should talk to the Governor's legal counsel first before you work on this?"  My bet is no.  Did his Cabinet Secretary approve this or was she ignorant of this request?  If she acceded to it then she needs to visit the chopping  block too.

If I were the Governor I would insist that the Chief of Staff get out the pink slips and fast.  This would at least show us that Governor Susanna Martinez is serious about corruption.  And Larry Behrens should be spared since he is the only one who has admitted he made a mistake.  Instead the Governor's spokesperson Scott Darnell needs to shuffle off for trying to make all this seem like it is unimportant.

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