Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Albuquerque Journal actually did the story this morning on the Governor's political team having the Public Education Department gather names of thousands of employees and non unionized teachers for a Political Action Committee.  I deep down knew that the real journalists at the paper could not ignore this one.  It was page one news today, but below the fold.

The sad loss of property in the Ruidoso area from the wildfires is unstoppable.  When you build a home in the forest it will eventually burn.  It is just something that will happen because that is the way nature does long term restoration.  It doesn't make it easier on the property owners, but they should expect it.  And now Congressman Steve Pearce, who hates government, is trying to blame the fire fighters for a slow response.  He should go attend some basic science classes about how the only thing that can stop one of these fires is the weather and some luck.  But of course he is a republican and they don't really believe in science.

I went to the Doc and he says both of my knees are totaled with zero cartilage between he bones.  His X-rays pretty much shows it.  Gross.  My walking the golf course days are over and I will now get my exercise on my elliptical.  The problem became severe after losing 25 pounds and walking 18 holes of golf multiple times a week. I will start therapy to delay the future knee replacements.  This is just wear and tear after 67 years.  No getting away from it. My new best friends are bags of ice and anti inflammatories.


Rodney said...

Jim, DON'T wait. Get new knees! My buddy was a limping gimp, unable to walk 9, much less 18 holes at any time. He got his new knee last winter and we were back on the course within about 10 weeks and walking 18 holes within 5 months and now walk 18 holes every weekend. Hard walking courses too like UNM Championship, Isleta, Sandia as well as Cochiti, Santa Ana and Marty Sanchez.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was given the same diagnosis, instead of surgery she had silicone shots and they worked wonders. She just came back from a vacation in Mexico and had no problems.

Michelle Meaders said...

Boy, that sucks! Here you do what you are supposed to -- lose weight and exercise -- and the payoff is pain and the need for medical intervention! Good thing you have Medicare!