Friday, June 01, 2012

Teton Morn

This was the scene from our meeting site near Jackson Hole.  A vista of beauty.

Only problem is my knee sort of blew out on this trip.  It had been a little sore for a few weeks after my car was rear ended, but I thought it was from all the exercise I had been doing.  Bummer.  I have hit the 24lb mark on my weight loss program.  I think this trip may have reversed that a little since good wine and food were abundant.  And we continued the good work of the Wyss Foundation.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

As long as you can outrun Dick Cheney. You never know: He may be wandering around up there with a moose gun.

Our local 1st District race has caught the attention of Roll Call, the Washington DC insider news magazine.