Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Up Early for Golf today.  Wandering around the golf course will give me time to think about the state of journalism in our fair state and city.  The Albuquerque Journal is no longer trustworthy except for occasional glimmers of hope, like Wynn Quigley's columns.  Their editorial pages continue to carry the right wing republican line and its editor infuses that into daily coverage of events.  He has decided that the Governor is a good person for insisting that all government business now be conducted with official email.  He conveniently forgets it was her actions that caused her political handlers and appointees to wander into conducting a shadow government.

The TV media regurgitates whatever the Journal does.  Except when their so called investigative reporters find low hanging fruit of government misconduct.  Just easy stuff.  You will never find the media going after corporate wrong doing.  That might cost them ad revenues.  Will any of them ever call out companies like Comcast who hold monopolies on fast internet service.  Although franchised by the city government they relentlessly raise prices every few months and leave the poor out of internet access.

Of course if I  think about this stuff I won't play a good game of golf.  I am seriously thinking of not worrying about this stuff anymore.  As if.

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Rodney said...

The game's hard enough without worrying about a bunch of superfluous crap you can't do anything about.