Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Results

I will be sending a donation to Michelle Grisham Lujan this morning.  She ran an efficient and well thought out media race to win her congressional seat.  She wasn't my first choice in the congressional democratic primary but she will be a moderate Democrat and that is fine with me.

At the same time I want to find the idiots who thought that Eric Griego should present himself as a hard ass guy who threatens to put people in jail and looks angry.  I will tell them they are stupid and ruined his candidacy.  The progressive pac that pushed this message is made up of amateurs.   If you know Eric it is obvious that he is a kind and gentle soul, even if he didn't pay his traffic fines. That traffic fine issue was enough to sink him.  I knew he was sunk yesterday when some of my golf partners brought it up as a reason for not voting for him.

In the Public Regulatory Commission race Al Park got handed his walking papers after greatly outspending his opponents who took public finance money to run their efforts.  Park used money raised from previous races that included donations from the folks he would have had to regulate.  People figured that out.  I was proud that Cynthia Hall did as well as she did. She came in second.  County Assessor Karen Montoya won the race.  She will have a lot to learn about that job.

I got an email from Martin Heinrich last night saying he was on a plane at 6AM this morning and couldn't do coffee as we usually do after election days.  I hope he is out with other smart people figuring out how to counter that democracy killer Karl Rove and his money boys.  They have already bought massive amounts of TV time to attack Martin for being a moderate.  All of this is being done for Heather Wilson who sits quietly smiling while right wing SUPER PACS doing her dirty work.

Rodger Beimer posted a note on his blog yesterday that reminded us that in 1992 the polling showed
H. Ross Perot 35 percent
George Herbert Walker Bush 30 percent
Bill Clinton 25 percent.

He noted it is a long way to November.

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