Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not Much Surprised

After Justice Scalia threw a hissy fit the other day on Obama I figured that it was his way of letting off steam because he knew the Obama health care initiative would be found constitutional.  Last night I told Bobbi that I thought the law would be upheld, not because of my great legal mind, but because of Scalia's tipping his political hand.  And I don't have a great legal mind anyway.  I was really sure I was probably wrong so I didn't try to second guess what would happen on my blog.  Now I wish I had because it would make me seem smarter than I am.

I bet the tea party guys are looking for some extra lumps of sugar this morning.  Anything to make the medicine go down.

I am a little surprised in another area and that is with the minor handling of the story on political interference on the awarding of the Albuquerque Racino contract.  The Journal put it on the front page lower left.  It had a lot less visibility than a story(a good one) on a lady who was jailed for overdue library books in Portales.

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