Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Plot Sickens

The progressive Pac, ISPAC, has put a rather large nail into the coffin of the Governor's administration with the revelation of emails between the Governor's staff and right wing political operatives, including republican stalwart and former GOP National Committeeman Pat Rogers, that seems to show the awarding of the Downs at Albuquerque Racino deal was being manipulated.  This is deep serious stuff and it is time for the AG or US Attorney to get involved.  In a big way.

ISPAC made the mistake of calling this "emailgate" and blundered into the framing of the issue that the opposition would want.  They made it about email instead of corruption and conspiracy.  Hopefully, the media won't turn it into an email issue.  And it will be interesting to see how the right wing editor at the Journal handles this one.  One thing about the editor, he doesn't like corruption, left or right.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Speaking of the governor, I was doing laundry Monday and reading the Journal through the glass on the vending machine (don't laugh, those two quarters got my underwear dry) and noticed she is going after prostitution.

(It might be fun to speculate why prostitution would suddenly pop into the governor's mind, whether, say, this Democrat flipped to Republican over lunch to pursue her ambitions and personal vendettas is beset by the kind of all consuming guilt that torments the fetid minds of uber religious kooks, but out of respect for the governor, I won't speculate.)

What puzzles me is how she can think about throwing people out of work. Now is not the time to be playing judge, with jobs this scarce.

Those are well paying jobs, too (if what I hear is any indication.) Think of those women, having to retrain, or take jobs in convenience stores or retail. Imagine standing there all day having to smile while you point out the new blouses and sweaters at Sears. Some of them probably got into prostitution in the first place because they don't like being on their feet all day.