Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The unilateral decision by the Governor, Secretary of State and their rightwing republican advisors to take straight party voting off the ballot should not just drift away.  This is an erosion of voting choices for the public.  It is unfathomable that it can be done without legislative approval.  It doesn't matter if lots of states have done this.  It is wrong and it is a republican campaign to suppress the votes of the poor and middle class.

The Albuquerque Journal is doing a good job now of covering the Governor's office email problems.  But she can not just get away with saying it won't happen again.  I want to know how much money was spent and hours of public employees work time were used to sift through hundreds of schools employee lists to glean information on who the non union teachers are.  I also want to know if they will make that list public on a website since they have made it available to the Governor's political pac.

The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper is beating the pants off the Journal in uncovering these stories.  One of my golfing buddies says it is the best newspaper in the State.  He is probably correct, although I don't read all the newspapers and can't make that judgement.


Bubba Muntzer said...

It's worth mentioning that voting a straight party ticket is not the only choice you have, nor is it the easiest thing to do in the voting booth.

The easiest and most obvious choice you have is to vote for each office individually. You have to know what you're doing to vote straight party. You have to know what it means to vote straight party, first of all.

Republicans. The party of freedom. What a crock. What hypocrisy. Under the Republicans our freedoms, our choices, get fewer and fewer.

Michelle Meaders said...

This administration does lots of things without the Legislature. People in the know I have talked to say unfortunately it is probably legal. We have been expecting this ever since this Repub Sec. of State got elected.

Maybe this will make people more likely to split their ticket to vote for a good Green or Independent. Then we could have avoided some of the clowns at the PRC.

The offices will still be in a column by party -- you just go down the column and mark each one. Having a marker instead of a pen would help -- I wonder what other states do? Also, there's a touch-screen machine at each polling place if you can't see or mark well enough on your own.