Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I played an early game of golf today before the winds turned the outdoors into a simulated blast furnace.  It was very cool out there, until it wasn't.  We had a good time.

We were lamenting the late great homegrown corporation known as PNM.  When they had leaders like Ben Montoya and Jeff Sterba you could at least get some straight talk from one of the few big companies with its HQ in New Mexico.  Now we just have another bottom-line oriented corpocracy there.  They are currently trying to make people afraid of renewable energy by creating a line item for costs for renewables on their monthly bills.  Yes, it is expensive.  But if they want to make this known then they must also put down a line item for the hidden costs of their coal fired generation plants.  Medical care necessitated by carcinogens released into our air shed.  Pollution of water from particulates.  Those would qualify.  And also lets put one down for political corruption too as they help fund lies in the current campaigns aimed at convincing consumers that coal can be clean.  What a load of crap.

They are as bad as the Editor at the Albuquerque Journal defending in today's editorial the fact that republicans in Santa Fe are taking away choice in the voting booth by doing away with straight party voting.  They say it will make us better citizens.  Like we are all stupid now.  Well Mr. Editor if I have a philosophy that makes me pull a straight ticket for democrats then why would you deny me that choice?  Oh, I know, you will do anything the oil boys tell you to do.

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