Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Election Day

What does a candidate do on election day?  Having been in that position I can tell you it all depends on whether or not the candidate knows if he has a shot at winning.

If a candidate is far behind in the polls then he just wants the day to end and the final count be done.  The likely to lose candidate will be thinking about how to close down the office and file final reports.  There will be little help  usually in accomplishing it.  Depression and feelings of rejection rule the day.  Life sucks.

Now, the candidate who the polls show could win will be running on adrenalin all day long.  There will be lots of work and orbiting of voting sites to "check" out the turnout.  Just being seen at these places can swing a last few votes.  No campaigning though, but merely a visibility thing.  Like standing on a busy street corner with supporters and waving signs.  And then around 5pm the sweating starts in earnest.  The vote count will look as if it will never end.  Any sign of faltering or surging in the count will bring on strong emotions.  Supporters will be poring over precinct results garnered from the polling place postings on the door to see if expectations are being met.  The candidate will be given the news and more emotions well up.  When the final count is in if the candidate wins he will be euphoric.  If he loses he will be already second guessing the campaign decisions.  It is all a roller coaster.

If a candidate is sure to win on election day he goes through the motions of staying busy and being happy.  If it is a primary election there is only one thing in mind.  The general election campaign.  And it starts all over.

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