Thursday, June 07, 2012

Out of the Gate

I sent a donation to Michelle Grisham Lujan yesterday.  Within minutes I received a request for more.  She is right in the swing of things.  And thats a good thing too after watching her republican opponent Janice Arnold Jones attack her on TV.  Jones said Lujan's only experience was 8 months on the 7 member county commission.  Except that is 18 months on a 5 member county commission.  She said Lujan's experience as a cabinet secretary was nothing more than a single issue lobbying job.  As I recall that was what Heather Wilson used to do too.

If I were Lujan I would gladly say, "Yes, I was a single issue lobbyist for the well being of the elderly and needy when I was a cabinet secretary.  I am proud of that."

Jones start out of the gate is ridiculous.

The Albuquerque Journal and GOP are touting the fact that progressive democrats didn't win all they hoped for in the legislative  primary election.  But, wait!  The democrats who won are still democrats.  More centrist maybe, but still democrats who must not forget it.  And the Governor's extreme right wing political consultants didn't win what they wanted in a  combative primary in Curry County.  The Journal didn't put that one on the front page.  It is time for the Journal to just change their name to the Albuquerque Republican.  Be honest with us.

I noticed that the City of Albuquerque is using that Calvary mega church in the North East heights for official meetings.  Why is that okay when the sheriff caught hell for using a mega church for his meetings?  These churches pay no taxes and yet provide services that could be done by entities that do pay taxes.  No more meetings in these right wing churches would be the right thing to do.


Albuquerque Republican said...

Still can't put me down, can you Jim?

Jim Baca said...

Probably in November.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Not to point out the obvious, but when there's only centrists and rightists, the political center shifts to a point that is right of center.

We are a center-right country, and the goal of people like Karl Rove has been accomplished, as Karl Rove pointed out the night Obama and the Democrats swept the 2008 election.

You acknowledge this in effect when you do say that these centrists are "still democrats who must not forget it."

That's the key. It's that the meaning of being a Democrat has changed. It now means being what a Republican used to be. Being Republican means being a John Bircher, with hints of fascism thrown in.

In other words, when you frame politics as a fight between Democrats and Republicans, when you support centrist Democrats, you miss what is really at stake. Class interests.

And you're admitting that the Republicans, the Karl Roves, have won, and the we, the people, have lost.