Friday, June 21, 2013

Bag Men

The supporters of Mayor Berry who may or may not have violated city ethics laws on campaign contributions are trying to halt a hearing into the matter.  They are trying escape any embarrassing moments by filing a suit in Federal court to halt the hearing.  It seems to me that if they think the law is unconstitutional then they should let the ethics panel proceed with a decision and then appeal the outcome if necessary.  This action on their part is nothing but a ruse to delay the hearings until after the election in a few months.  They don't want the Mayor and themselves to be seen as violating the spirit of the city campaign law.  It is underhanded and corrupt on their part.

Absolutely, no one will take notice of this because the media will gloss it over for the most part.  And the corporate handlers of Berry will get away with it.  The question is, will the city attorney's office put up a decent fight on this issue, or are they going to just waddle along for the corporate bag men.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I see the notice of the lawsuit, buried on page two of section C in today's Journal. Isn't this the same lawsuit that was reported elsewhere at least as early as May 7th?

It looks like the Journal is participating in the delaying action. Not counting the delay between the time something happens and the time the Journal finds out about it.

Anonymous said...

Or the editors refuse to run a story written by the few hard working journalists over there

Michelle Meaders said...

The hearing is scheduled for Thursday June 27 at 4 pm.

"The Board of Ethics will meet on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. in the Vincent E. Griego Chambers, on the basement level of the City/County Building at which time a preliminary hearing will be held concerning the complaint. You may access a copy of the Board’s Rules and Albuquerque Regulations at"

Here's the official letter about it:

Anonymous said...

Over 200 city employees took to civic plaza yesterday and the streets in protest of Berry. Sure, they had an agenda but so what and so does everybody else. Why the near total news blackout?!? Why are people so afraid of this? If Berry had any backbone he would've gone down to talk with them or at least issue a response? But to hide?!?!

Anonymous said...

Jim don't you get it? Albuquerque is a "Criticism of Berry & Martinez" Free-Zone.