Friday, June 07, 2013

Water and Oil

It was refreshing to be up in Mora County on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They are the first county in the country that has said no to fracking for oil and gas.  The county commission there thinks that their water supplies might be a little more important than some oil company's CEO getting a bigger bonus for squeezing resources out of an irreplaceable watershed and aquifer.

Now the Governor and her minions, yes the oil and gas boys, have revised the rules that would protect water supplies all over the state from these drillers.  And of course not in a good way.  And before long we will see a full scale assault on Mora county fueled with petro dollars.  They will come after those commissioners who see the importance of watershed and landscape protection.  Just you watch.


Anonymous said...

I'd be careful about trying to drill in Mora County. Residents there might take drastic measures to prevent it. Just watch!

Anonymous said...

If it means jobs, maybe Mora county residents won't burn the cars down.