Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Goes Around

What goes around goes far.  Let me explain.  My sister, Dr. Carlota Baca, just returned from her one month sojourn to Italy and Switzerland.  When she arrived to stay with friends in Berne they were all set to tell her of the news article they had seen in their newspaper a few days before.  It was about New Mexico.

Well, what could the fine editors at that Berne newspaper find so interesting about the Land of Enchantment?  Forest fires?  Tourism?  Juicy scandals?  Nope.

It was about the leaders of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and St. Pius X High School not letting the transgender student march in the graduation ceremonies as a member of their new sex!

Why would an international newspaper be interested in this?   Probably because it showed the caveman attitude of the Catholic Church in America and more specifically New Mexico.  Not exactly a positive image for this tourism based state.

Another thing that came around today was the Albuquerque Journal editorial taking the Governor to task for not releasing public information on who picked up the tab for her husband on a hunting trip.  Even the right wing editorial board couldn't ignore this one.  One thing they don't like is secrecy on the part of government, even if they do worship at the altar of Governor Martinez.

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Anonymous said...

The editors of the Journal didn't tell the whole story. The Associated Press has been writing about the lack of cooperation from Martinez for a while now. FOG hasn't done anything either. The Santa Fe New Mexican has also been writing about this but the Albq Journal didn't mention anything about these two entities trying to get the record and they couldn't help but drag Richardson's name into this mess. Pure deflection.