Wednesday, June 19, 2013


After being back in the east for the golf tournament it feels like I am in a giant vat of dessicant.  I am drying out.  Shriveling  up.  Wrinkling.  Out on the golf course at 7am at Santa Ana was pleasant, but the sky had a strange brownish tinge to it.  A combination of dust and smoke.  Even the bosque at the golf course looked extremely parched.  I have a feeling that when the rains start it will happen all at once as nature tries to catch up.

No politics today.  Even that seems dry and tedious.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

I think I've said before I had a dream of a big wall of water coming down the Rio Grande. I'd feel better if you had yourself a little travel trailer. You could slap one of your solar panels on the roof, hook it up to your hybrid suv, toss in your golf clubs and take off.

Maybe you shouldn't worry about it happening any time soon. I also had a dream Bette Midler and I were hobbits and lived in a little round house at the end of the lane.