Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The Journal actually put the Heather Wilson story above the fold today on the front page.  That is good.  She deserves it.  When one actually stops and thinks about it one could come to the conclusion that Heather Wilson was being paid a salary to run for future office.  These no work contracts occurred after she left congress and was preparing her Senate campaigns.  That is a pretty good pat on the back from Lockheed Martin and their cronies.  Meanwhile the republicans were all complaining about the waste in government and the need to cut social security.  Who needs social security when you have golden parachutes like that after delivering tax money to the defense industry?

The head of the NM Medical Marijuana Advisory Board was booted by the Governor.  He feels the action was taken  because he wanted more medical conditions included for marijuana therapy.  This action by the governor is typical of a republican right winger. They will miss the boat on this one too as other states just go ahead and legalize the substance.  Colorado's experience should be instructive to the GOP, but just like their long time hatred and damnation of gay folks this one will leave them waiting at the station too.

I will be traveling to Merion, Philadelphia tomorrow to watch the U.S. Open Golf Tournament. We have great tickets for Saturday and Sunday.  The Golf course is underwater practically but it should be playable by tomorrow. I will try and post from there, although no phones, cameras or other stuff like that are allowed on the course.  


Anonymous said...

The Journal took the report, re-wrote the Associated Press story and copyrighted it. I notice, too, that they didn't mention the Governor.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels

Bubba Muntzer said...

What is the sense of Sandia reimbursing the government for money it gave Heather? That's going from one government account to another isn't it? Heather should fork over some money.

I won't rest easy until I'm sure Heather has officially changed her residency to South Dakota where that school is she works at. Or is it South Carolina? Anyway, I saw a woman who looked at lot like her in Home Depot the other day buying overalls and wearing a yellow hard hat with a flashlight on it.

Anonymous said...

Don't they use that stuff for cave splunking? Maybe that's where she keeps her cash.

Anonymous said...

Heather's campaign said the work she did for the labs was "classified" and even so the insector general found it suspicious and highly unusual. Says something doesn't it?