Monday, June 24, 2013

Children of No Man's Land

I want a fair and good immigration bill.  Everyone does except the wacko republican tea party types.  They just want their brand of brown people phobia to go away.  And so they want 20,000 more border patrol agents along the Mexican border with a completion of a 700 mile American version of the Berlin wall.  Meanwhile in New Mexico which ranks last in child well being we can only scratch our heads at billions be spent on border barriers while our kids lives fester.  If this is not a sign of America's fall from greatness, then what would qualify?

This is a tough decision for our Democratic Senators in New Mexico.  But, I have to say they must vote against this insane bill.  

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Anonymous said...

Children, veterans, the mentally and physically disabled they are all getting the short end of the stick. Where are our advocates? Are we really relying on little old ladies who wear pink to Congressional hearings for our voices to be heard?