Saturday, June 01, 2013

Journalistic Responsibility--Ha!

If Channel 13 news sees a major screwup in a government agency that involved unprofessional work because of cronyism they would call for heads to roll.  Now that it is apparent that unprofessional cronyism at that news department has resulted in a major blunder in their reporting, will their news director, reporter and others be fired?

 Don't hold your breath.  Channel 13 reported that the Santa Fe Reporter story on wide ranging FBI investigations of the Martinez administration were wrong.  The TV guys said it only involved  issues of  those stolen emails we have been reading about.  But now a former campaign manager has come forth to say that she was interrogated about that alleged bid rigging in the awarding of the Albuquerque Racino licenses by the Martinez administration.  So Channel 13 barely mentioned this tonight on their newscast and certainly did not correct their erroneous story.  It has been solidly reported that there might be some close friendships between news executives and Martinez staffers.  I can't believe that someone at that news operation can't come clean and take responsibility for the errors.  Hubris!

I can't wait to see how the Albuquerque Journal handles this new revelation.  They will probably blame it on former Governor Bill Richardson.


Bubba Muntzer said...

In other cases of breaking news the Journal would have had something on its web site by now. What's there is still a big picture of the governor leading the fight against wildfires before she jets off to DC to attend another out of state fundraiser.

I'll be surprised if this gets the play the "Leaked Emails/The vindication of Susana Martinez" story did Friday.

On that, I've been thinking that that indictment might have more to do with the Obama Administration's war on whistleblowers and so called cyber criminals. US Attorneys all over the country have been pursuing these kinds of cases. The corporate media doesn't follow it that closely but in the Leftist media it's a big deal, because the government's motivations behind it have as much to do with curtailing First Amendment rights, keeping what they do a big secret, and stifling peoples' efforts to get around the stranglehold the corporate media and government have on information and the exchange of ideas.

In some of these cases, mere kids are facing serious prison time, for serious hacking sometimes but also for what most people in that milieu see as simple file sharing.

Friday's Journal report even said: "In their formal statements on the indictment, (US Attorney Kenneth) Gonzales and FBI Special Agent in Charge Carol K.O. Lee didn’t address the political controversies surrounding the stolen emails, instead directing their comments to the national problem of cybersecurity.

“This indictment reflects the high value that my office places on preserving the integrity of our electronic communications in the digital age,” Gonzales said.

Which is an ironic thing to say because our electronic communications have no integrity where the government is concerned. They're all being intercepted by the NSA and stored in the big new computer center in Salt Lake City.

Anonymous said...

The paper will probably not even report it.

Anonymous said...

Crickets at the AJ.