Thursday, June 06, 2013

Productivity or Enslavement

I noticed that productivity of American workers inched upwards again in the last quarter.  This has been going on for some time as corporate vampires suck the last living energy out of their employees while stashing cash and not hiring any new help.  How much longer can this go on with our some real domestic problems?  Probably a long time as Americans now have lost the ability to take to the streets in any meaningful way.  I am sorry, but social media doesn't build barricades around government buildings and corporate headquarters.  It is really invigorating to watch the Turkish people doing their thing to rattle the Islamist fundamentalist running their country.

Meanwhile in the local New Mexico media the Albuquerque Journal and KRQE news room have managed to turn a FBI investigation of the Governor's administration handling of that casino license into a thing about child porn and Democratic Party Chair Sam Bregman.  Mostly I feel sorry for my old friends like Dick Knipfing and Larry Barker at Channel 13 who are either helpless or conflicted in the coverage of this stuff.  Or maybe they are just also enslaved to their jobs and are not allowed the be the real journalists they once were by a republican infested executive corp in the news room.  Looks more like Fox News everyday.  The news department's handling of this whole affair could fill a few pages of the Columbia Journalism Review.

And finally, we got caught in a hell hail storm yesterday while returning from Pendaires.  My friend Lee Otteni stayed an hour too long there and his truck was caught up by golf ball sized hail and heavily damaged.  I was encountered the hailstorm on La Bajada which resulted in many accidents.  I managed squeak through the mess before they closed the interstate.  I have never been in that violent kind of storm before. At least some moisture was received.

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Anonymous said...

When I lived in Carlsbad, we had those types of hail storms once every two years. The insurance companies stopped offering coverage for the damages but the local body shops had some good business for a few months.

If it is true that Sam Bregman is embroiled in the email controversy, then he needs to step down as chair and let Ms Lara take over. Putting his head in the shell isn't helping the Democratic Party of NM.

I used to like Mr Knipfing -- ever since he had so much courage to go into the State Pen during the riots. Amazing journalism back then. Now, it is all sensationalism and hiding the ball.