Monday, June 03, 2013


Headwaters of the MRGCD at Cochiti Dam

The stealth election for the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District is tomorrow.  Maybe 5% of the folks will show up to vote as usual.  The corrupt process has been in place for years now and it was designed by the agricultural community to lessen the impact of city taxpayers in the district.  These urban taxpayers pay 90% of the bill.  (I pay both city tax and irrigation fees.)  The agency is answerable to no one, not even the decent minority members of its board.  But having said that, Adrian Ogelsby and Karen Dunning must be reelected to keep the forces of darkness at bay on that board.  A water agency like this can't be run by rubes and these two are not rubes.

The Albuquerque Journal remains stealthy for two days in a row on the Albuquerque Racino controversy that has now become public after it was revealed that Governor Martinez's fundraiser has been interviewed by the FBI concerning the awarding of the Racino license.  And KRQE Channel 13 remains in stealth mode and refuses to say they had this whole story wrong.  As a former journalist it just gives me a sinking feeling that we don't have the press watching our backs anymore at all!  It pretty much indicates to me that Dick Knipfing has no say editorially at that TV station anymore.  That is a loss for them.  He was always a guy who would insist on correcting errors in reporting in the past.  I guess it is not about being accurate journalists any more, but all about protecting the 'brand".

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