Monday, June 10, 2013

Equal Time

Why do we worry about cats?  Today's picture is of Casper in the interest of equal time exposure for our felines.  The routine now that the weather is good is that the cats get on our bed and start wrestling at 4:45 in the morning.  They want to go outside.  We do not allow them outside at night time because of the large owls and packs of coyotes patrolling the neighborhood near the bosque. So, after squirting them with a water bottle to get them off the bed we get another 15 minutes of rest.  Then I must get up at 5am at let them out .  And then I lay in bed worried that a late marauding creature will try to get them.  But they come in an hour later for food most of the time.

 I think I worry more about the cats then I worry about someone tracking my internet and cellphone communications.  Now, that is weird.

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