Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Vote for Dinelli

As I sit in a hotel room prior to a meeting in Salt Lake City, the seat of the Mormon Religion and its intolerance, I see where the Albuquerque Mayoral Candidates opined on the ridiculous and unconstitutional ballot initiative to ban abortions based on someone else's religious dogma.

The only gutsy guy in this debate is Pete Dinelli.  He stands for these decisions to be made by women and their doctors instead of some incense waving zealot.

Pete Dinelli has my vote.  And now there is a reason for progressives to get out and vote.  And it better be in large numbers because Mayor Berry's handlers wouldn't have let him sign on with the liberty stealing religious fanatics unless they saw some upside.

Meanwhile, Albuquerque takes in the chin again as Frontier Airlines pulls out of serving us.  And Mayor Berry gets another black mark.


Anonymous said...

Bregman sure isn't helping. Embarrassing.

Pete Dinelli said...

Jim: Thank you so much for your endorsement and vote. I greatly appreciate it. I respect your opinion and your thoughts. This is an issue that feel very strongly about. Best wishes to you and Bobbie.

Anonymous said...

After the abortion issue Dinelli has my vote.

Refreshing to see a politican not afraid to say what he actually believes. Wow what a concept.

What does Berry believe? Do we know? Who the heck is not allowing him to speak? All the media is handed is filtered press releases.

I have a uterus and its mine said...

At the risk of politicizing the uterus, here it goes: The 20 week abortion ban is just the beginning of the attempts to limit the right to choose. Instead of attacking the Roe v Wade decision directly, now anti-abortion groups are casting a wider "we are worried about your health, poor dear" net that will get tighter and tighter over time. For RJ not to have an opinion on the issue is inexcusable but finally someone asked him where he stands and he had to provide an answer. Let us see what the city council does. I can guarantee you i won't be voting to reelect any of those folks. For a gutsy city council, look to San Diego.

Anonymous said...

Can the city council sue the Mayor for appointing and keeping Ray Schultz? It has been done before in other cities and Ray sure did cost us a ton: