Friday, July 19, 2013


Those protestors who invaded a New Mexico Senate meeting to thank them for Mississippi for us garnering the worst ranking in child well being for the states were pretty imaginative.  They focused on Senator John Arthur Smith with their finger pointing.  In fact they should be pointing at New Mexico's business community for fighting any real increase in funding for child programs.  At the same time, the protestors insistence on raiding the permanent fund for quick fixes falls short.  That fund is to be used when the fossil fuels we extract run out and we no longer have a revenue stream of royalties and severance taxes to fund education.   Perhaps serious people could sit down and work out a compromise in getting the Land of Enchantment back to Enchanting.

The same people who are railing against the government snooping against journalists and the news media are now condemning them for using pictures they don't want to see of that terrorist in the Boston Bombings.  I surmise there may be a double standard somewhere in here.  Certainly bad judgement was used, but I think all of us should be allowed to come to that conclusion with out censorship.  Walgreens says they wont sell the magazine because of the soft portrait of the murderer.  Another corporation making our decisions for us.  Maybe they should change their name to "Walloff's".


Anonymous said...

Misc: Will the attempt to put an abortion question on the city election have the unintended effect of driving pro-choice people to the polls and therefore hurting Mayor berry's numbers?

Cheers, Mi3ke

Anonymous said...

The protesters were from OLE NM. They ran the campaign to raise the minimum wage in Albuquerque last year. They work hard lobbying the legislature on education, and health care issues. Maybe you should contact OLE NM and learn about an organization that is trying to make things better for New Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Jim how about some comments on Berry / Schultz moving retirement date. First we are told in March that Schultz is retiring but we don't know when. This was announced the day the Ellis verdict of $10,000,000 against the Albuquerque Police Department. Then for months APD and the city languishes in a Sargasso Sea of Lame Duke Schultz. Berry thinks this is great and doesn't force Schultz to leave.

Then this week the Levi Chavez (APD Swingers club) Trial ends with an acquittal. The next day the Berry / Schultz show appears and Schultz says he is retiring August 3. The next day we read in the Journal that Berry is keep Schultz until, at least, September 6 as a consultant (we call it Shadow Chief).

Has the public had enough of being lied to by Berry? I am fed up with Berry treating Schultz like he is more important than the police department and more important than the community. Berry needs to be called out and shamed for once again lying to the public about Ray Schultz leaving.

And here is what Schultz / Berry will be remembered for at APD: $54,000,000 in judgements, APD Swingers Club, losing 200 officers, response times up almost 2 minutes, crime up, property crime up (the only crime down is murder that the police do not have control of), and for the second time since 2004 Ray Schultz will walk away from Albuquerque with six figures in cash out money for not using his sick and vacation time. It makes you think that he never took a day off in 30 years. Of course the truth is he took a lot of time off, but Berry never made him take vacation for it. Schultz also took a lot of trips on the city dime, why put in for vacation when the city tax payer is funding it.

This is corruption. This is our mayor and his police chief. They both need to be voted out of office.

Anonymous said...

"Schultz also took a lot of trips on the city dime, why put in for vacation when the city tax payer is funding it?" Good point! Isn't that just what Franco's security detail did when they went to La on our dime? And now alligator hunting has a whole new meaning in the Land of Enchantment.