Saturday, July 13, 2013

At Sea

One of the guys I play golf with has always been a supporter of Mayor Berry.  Suddenly, he said he wouldn't vote for him because after reflection he couldn't see that Berry has any vision or any accomplishments.  He said he didn't like Dinelli either and wondered who the other candidate was.

I don't think my friend is apathetic.  I think he is just fed up that nothing is happening in government.  I think he is right.  And I think that is why we don't have good qualified candidates running for office in the last couple of years.  Why should they, since this minority Tea Party ass clown crew, despite their small numbers, is making sure that absolutely nothing will happen!

Most folks who go into politics do it because they want to do something, at least in the beginning.  But since nothing gets done why should they make any effort.

This can't go on for long.  Leaving leadership leaderless in this country is a ticking time bomb and it starts locally.  One can only wonder if a miracle write in candidate could spring forth.  Send in recommendations!  I decline.


Ok, then said...

You're right about lack of good leadership. Looking back on the October Revolution in 1917, Lenin famously remarked, “We found power lying in the streets and simply picked it up."
I had to laugh at your last sentence, though.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, Dinelli has a likeability disability. Berry is gregarious by comparison. But this is not high school all over again and we shouldn't vote for the popular guy. My concern is that Dinelli isn't getting out of the Nob Hill area enough and the west side voters don't know anything about him.

Paul Heh said...


Tell your friend to call me at 459-5545 and I'd be happy to talk to him so that he can find out who the "other candidate" is.

Despite NOT being a politician, my standing in this race continues to grow and as expected by late summer, the polling numbers will have leveled off across the board between myself, Pete Dinelli, and Berry. And that is without the huge money being thrown into Berry's campaign or the existing framework embracing Pete.

I don't agree with you however when you say we don't have "good qualified candidates" running. I am drawn to this race because I unwilling to remain on the side and just complain about the mess this city and state is in. Pete is a good man as well. To me, a "good qualified" candidate is somebody who is truthful and passionate about making things right and willing to do what it takes. I have spent my career doing just that as a police officer.

Career politicians are NOT what we need to fix this mess. Nor do we need place holders like Berry who are just pawns for others.

We need leadership. I'd be happy to sit down with you and your friend when you get back, give me a ring or maybe I'll see him at the many forums and meeting I go to on a daily basis.

Paul Heh

Anonymous said...

You're right; there are no leaders, only self-serving types who get into office and ignore their responsibilities to the citizens. I'm sure there are good people who could run for office, but they hold out because of what politics can do to them.

Anonymous said...


Are you going to publicly support Dinelli?