Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I often marvel at the oil and gas boys thinking they have some sort of divine right to drill where ever they wish on Public Lands. They think every square inch of federal property really belongs to them and that every place is appropriate to drill.

The Wilderness Society just released a new publication of places they believe are "To Wild to Drill."  New Mexico has three of the 12 spots on the list.  Visit this site to see them.


Anonymous said...


You have to comment on APD Chief Schultz comments to Tom Joles. He said Adultery at APD is just "nature at work". This guy makes me sick.

Please comment on this. We are about to pay him $10,000 for a month of consulting work. Where is Berry?

Bubba Muntzer said...

Their thinking might be influenced by the fact that they own government, which despite the EPA and the fact that government owns most of these places is one of the environment's worst enemies, especially when a Republican gets elected governor or the president sees himself as the Conceder In Chief.

I think it's important for people to realize, and for the environmental movement to start publicizing the fact that the US government sees environmentalists as enemies of the state. The reason Homeland Security's Boston fusion center missed the Boston Marathon Bomber is they were spending all their time spying on Occupy, Leftists and Environmentalists, still are one must assume as the president fights efforts by congress to curtail domestic spying. They spy on these groups, infiltrate them with undercover agents and go after them with the law.

Members of Earth First have been prosecuted under terrorism charges and are in prison now. You may not agree with tactics like burning gas guzzling SUVs as they sit on car dealer parking lots, but if all environmentalists made common cause the government would have to take notice. Imagine combining their energy and enthusiasm with the experience, influence and status of people like you.

And really, would it hurt, if next time you come back from Salt Lake City you stopped at one of those big car dealers along the expressway up there and let the air out of a few tires?