Monday, July 22, 2013


It would be interesting for someone to start a study to track where this year's New Mexico's high school graduates will end up living five  years from now.  Given the abject failure of the Governor, Mayor of Albuquerque, the Legislature and the Chamber of Commerce operations around the state to bring in any jobs.  How much longer will young people even put up with this?

I know very few kids will want to stay in a place that has no real potential to offer a career with a future.  Thanks to the leaderless pols and the media (who nothing more than tea party editors) we will keep the airlines in money as we constantly fly off to see our children and grandchildren in other places where opportunities beckon.

When will someone start performing on the economy?  We could always change out leadership but the large corporate PACs will keep their mascots in place with out of state money.  The leaders of the Chambers around the state will simply continue their quest for lower taxes rather than try to find new jobs to bring in to the Land of Enchantment.

At this point we are really screwed.  Somewhere there must be someone to lead.  Right?


Ok, then said...

Interesting article in the NY Times on climbing the income ladder - apparently your parents' income and where you grew up both play a big part. Here -

Anonymous said...

It's not just young people. My wife and I know a few seniors who are going to retire elsewhere. The reasons are mainly bad infrastructure, not as much to do without driving fairly long distances, and a really crappy economy. Combine these with a right wing lock on gov't, and you have a recipe for NM becoming a 3rd world country.
Of course, they will blame it on "those people", which seems to work for the old, scared white voters who consistently support corporate looters against their own children's interests.