Friday, July 26, 2013

Ole Time Religion

Those god fearing folks are setting us up to vote on a religious initative that would limit a woman's choice on abortion in Albuquerque.  If it passes it would be unenforceable and should not be allowed on the ballot since it is unconstitutional.  But who would bet that the Berry administration would allow that?  I might.  Because this fanatical religious move could endanger Berry's reelection bid as it brings out more women and progressives to the polls on election day.

The instigators of this lunacy say the rapid response to their calling for a vote proves that people are for it.   So, what is next?  Calling for a vote to outlaw guns in this country because people might rapidly sign on to such a hopeless campaign?  That would be unenforceable too.

So, will Berry take a position?  Will Dinelli take a position?  They are in a really tough spot.  Both of them.  Because if they are against it they will offend the gaily costumed Archbishop and his minions.  If they are for it they both risk losing votes from the crowd that thinks women should have a choice.

The city attorney could take the heat off them and opt for sanity instead of religious fanaticism.  Don't allow this on the ballot because it is blatantly unconstitutional.


Anonymous said...

It is official! Welcome to New Texas!

Anonymous said...

Hey all you Christians out there, how can you support Berry when he allows his Chief of Police to violate publicly say adultery is Nature, Not God!

If you believe in this commandment then Berry is as guilty of allowing it as Schultz is for his dumb comment.

Hold Berry accountable and vote him out of office in October. Someone has to have moral standards in this town, maybe it is the voters

Bubba Muntzer said...

The gaily costumed archbishop.

You and Jon Stuart.