Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We fly back Thursday a.m.  We have had a very great time.  Here is what I bring back with me.

  1. People in Vancouver (and Seattle) all look pretty healthy.  Not much obesity in the big city where everyone seems to walk.
  2. The urbanites seem very concerned about conservation and environment.  This oil train that blew up a town in Quebec has been non stop news for days with the oil and rail boys taking major hits.
  3. Canada must have some secret they must share on how all public restrooms can be kept so clean. I mean, really clean everywhere.  This isn't an OCD thing with me.  I am just impressed and so is Bobbi.
  4. There are homeless people in Canada.  They sit on the sidewalk with paper cups looking for handouts, but like everyone else they are polite.
  5. Canadians seem awestruck when you say you are from New Mexico.  They are not so sure where it is.  Most guess somewhere around Texas.  Close, but damn!
  6. This is a place to visit for four months a year.  The rest of the time they all want to spend in warm places.  And many of them do.
  7. Eh?


Anonymous said...

Once while in Calgary, we had some cash stolen out of my wife's purse. Everyone including the local police were so appologetic to us and wanted to made sure we did not have a bad impression of Canada. Vancover is wonderful also.

Anonymous said...

Here APD would say, why were you so stupid to leave cash in your wife's purse. And no, you can't have a report.