Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fish Filet

I have not seen one media outlet try and get a comment from local Catholic Church authorities on the issue of the Pope's comments on gay priests.  It begs for some attention given the virulent attitude of the Archdiocese on the evilness of gay people.

This whole thing reminds me of the big switcharoo on the mortal sin of eating of meat on Fridays back in the days of my upbringing.  One time I ate a hot dog on a Friday at the swimming pool when I was about 10 years old.  I had forgotten it was Friday and then was reminded by someone before I took the first bite.  I went ahead with it anyway because the real sin to me was not eating it while considering that oft used reminder that children were starving in China.  I hoped I wouldn't go to hell.  And then they changed the rules and I felt better, if not confused.

It certainly cut down on our family's ritual dinner on Friday nights.  That is when we would go to the old Sigler's cafeteria on Central Ave. near Girard for fish filet.  That place was filled with catholics every Friday evening.  The owners made a fortune on those Friday nights.

But then the world's beef producers lobbied the Vatican and then burgers were the norm.  Obesity followed shortly after that when everyone started lining up at those new McDonald's drive ins.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the local media hasn't questioned anybody from the church because it hasn't occurred to them. That might explain a lot of their behavior.

I'm flabbergasted though. I think the pope could be preparing the way for his coming out.

Seriously, I think you're right. His mission is to save the church and he has his finger in the air. Nuns in swimsuits is what I'm waiting for.

And what makes you think you got away with the hot dog? The game's not over yet.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I remember the nuns lecturing and scaring religion into us everyday at school. I prayed to God every night that I wouldn't die in my sleep because I committed too many venial sins that added up to a mortal sin. I'm no longer a member of the Catholic church (I wonder why), but I am a Christian, and even that is hard to be sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Making people feel guilt and shame about being human, especially female, has worked so well for the old patriarchs, they can't let it go. If the church stops demonizing women, gays, etc, what's left? Actual charity and tolerance? Actual compassion and acceptance of people?
But no. Fear, willful ignorance, and tribal hatred of the "other" work so much better. It's a better business model, just like the Taliban and Southern Baptists.