Saturday, July 27, 2013

Modern Editor Orgasm

Oh, the sheer ecstasy that has visited our newspaper editors and news directors.  An orgasm of slime and perdition!  A movie actor caught DWI in Santa Fe.  Headline news on all TV channels and the Albuquerque Journal and Santa Fe New Mexican.  Top of the newscast!  Top of the Fold!  The end of Journalism playing itself out into Entertainment Tonight.

It is almost fortunate that the story had to compete with a 100 year storm in the mid Rio Grande Valley. If that hadn't happened then who knows how much show biz hype would have been increased for our mindless and shallow consumption.


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Anonymous said...

These guys interviewed one of the Levi Chavez jurors, Fred Trujillo, first. Proof that mainstream media is a day late and a dollar short:

Warning: if you are offended by potty mouth-itis, maybe you shouldn't listen.

The Journal has it buried at the lower left of the front page. The website has a nice video of Mr. Trujillo calling Levi "A typical male piece of crap." Too bad the judge wouldn't allow the information about the stolen truck or the verdict may have been different.