Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Levi Chavez was found not guilty from lack of evidence.  But like that Zimmerman guy in Florida people will cross the street in order to avoid him for the rest of his life.  I had to chuckle at his repeated use of a rosary during the trial.  I think he was really using it to count the number of affairs he has had with other police officers wives.  Frankly, his demeanor with reporters after the trial was very revealing.

Thom Cole in the Journal this morning says that political contributions buy justice in the courts.  Maybe in some few cases.  The real thing that buys justice is the modern day practice of hiring consultants to cherry pick prospective jurors.  Also, the elaborate mock trials that occur in front of paid  juries to see what kinds of arguments work best.  These are very expensive exercises but they do affect 'justice'.

Of course if you are a run of the mill person you can't afford this.

And then a little girl said God made her go to the bathroom before a bullet crashed through her wall into her bedroom.  She was just reacting to the dogma she is subjected too.  I am glad she escaped harm, but it is amazing that the media even reported that god intervened.


Anonymous said...

APD under Schultz is an embarrassing mess. Anyone who would vote for Berry (who will continue to keep Schultz) should have their heads examined.

Here is a new headline for the media. Go back a couple months to the beautiful little girl who was shot and killed outside of Alameda community Center. Headline reads,

"God Doesn't Care About Girl Killed in South Valley".

Since the media reports on when God does care, they should give equal time for when he doesn't.

womens lib said...

I greatly enjoyed seeing him walk up to the cameras and leaving his wife walking a few paces behind. Seems to be the way he views women in general. He will be back.

Bubba Muntzer said...

What will be in the Journal now? Will tomorrow's paper just have some big blank spaces?

Anonymous said...

The Journal will probably have an in-depth one on one interview with Levi Chavez. Levi wants to stretch his 15 minutes of fame and hurt Tera's family a little more. The Journal probably thinks it will sell papers. It might but I wouldn't buy it. Like most people, I am getting the news on line. For that matter, The Huffington Post had the Chavez trial on its website. The posts were very interesting - about 99 percent anti-APD, anti-Chavez and unfortunately anti-New Mexico. Sad for our state.

Anonymous said...

Levi Chavez case complete with 5 color photos is featured on the front page of the "London Mail" today!

When is Chief Schulz leaving?