Monday, July 15, 2013

Time for a Sweeping Change

We were lamenting the absolute state of  depression that is the  New Mexico/Albuquerque economy.  Why is it that the national weather channels, news channels etc. talk about drought problems in the south west and name every state except New Mexico?  Are we now that invisible under our Republican Governor and Albuquerque Mayor?  Do they deserve all the blame for our state running last in just about everything?   Well, not all but a lot of it anyway.

And who deserves the rest?  It is the New Mexico business community.  They are leaderless and have no vision, other than lower taxes, and they need to change.   Where to start?

How about the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce?

Liz Shipley has just been elected the new president of the Chamber.  She used to be a TV Journalist when that meant doing things besides lost dog stories.  Lets see if she has some courage to do what is necessary in her new position.

She should come in with a broom and sweep out all the executives from the top down and bring in people with new ideas and energy. This might give the Chamber the impetus they need to do something constructive, like helping to bring new jobs into the state.  It would taken an investment from our business community.  The kind of thing they used to do.  And it shouldn't consist of just hanging on to what we have, but thinking big for the future.  It won't happen with the current executive leaders at the Chamber.  Period.

And a lot of new leadership at the Albuquerque Journal would help too.  Lets put  someone like Wynn Quigley, the erstwhile business editor into the top position of that largely negative publication and wait to see if a new positive and constructive newspaper would emerge.  I bet it would.

This is the right time for this move.  Let's hope it happens.


Anonymous said...


I enjoy reading your blogs. They make me think. My two cents on this - the paper is driven by circulation - they have to sell papers to stay in business. Most 20, 30 and even 40-somethings are now getting their news via the web. That demographic is traditionally liberal in nature. Typically, the older demographics are more conservative in nature and tend to stick with printed media vice going for the web based products. This is why I see the drift in the Journal occuring - that simple - they are appealing to their base. With respect to a "clean sweep," that's up to the Journal to appease their readership, and should be based upon that economic tenet.

Disclaimer - I'm a very liberal 40-something Dem.

Dennis Romero

Jim Baca said...

well, most of their readers will be dead soon, and then what?

Anonymous said...

Then they have either transitioned to a product line (i.e. web based) or will go under. Don't like saying that, but that seems to be the trend. From my perspective, I'm reading more blogs (i.e. you, Monahan, etc) than I am reading hard copy newspapers.

The only thing I haven't been able to convince myself to do is get a kindle, simply because I like holding a real book as I read it, but that day may come for me.