Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I remember when I was Mayor and all of the political districts nationwide were being reapportioned in 2001.  I was trying to make sure that there was no gerrymandering of city council districts and vetoed several proposals sent to me by the city council.  It was all insider stuff of council members trying to rig districts either for democrats or republicans, but mostly for themselves.

After my second veto the Albuquerque Journal, through its great editorial cartoonist John Trevor as I recall, opined that this was all very boring and who cared!  (Trevor has since turned sharply to the right wing.)

Anyway, it might be boring stuff but right now the gerrymandering of the republican party and tea party have set up a situation in which our congress wants to destroy our democratic institutions.  They want to shut down government, suppress voters, starve children, and make sure that poor people have no access to health care.  All because the news media sees reapportionment as boring?  Or are they in on it because their corporate American owners have ordered the lack of reporting on reapportionment processes?

Right now we are stuck until the next go-round for reapportionment in about 8 years.  They only thing to do is go into the tea party districts and raise hell with the voters and let them know they are ignoring their own interests.

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