Monday, September 23, 2013

Day After

I did not watch the Mayoral debate on Sunday evening.  I didn't even realize there was one scheduled.  We were at a dinner party and the subject never came up.  The debate really didn't change anything in what is going to be a walk over for Mayor Berry.

It shouldn't be a walkover though.  This morning's front page story on the state of Albuquerque's economy and job situation should be a wake up call for everyone, but the public is so apathetic that they cant see new leadership is needed on the state and local political scene.  The reason why this apathy is so rampant is easy for me to see.  It comes about from the power of American corporate money's interference in our democracy.  These one per centers just dump money into tricky media and effectively convince the voter that unions and minimum wage hikes are the root of all of our problems.  Even to the point of taking away food stamps from the many children who live below the poverty level.

Frankly, I often think of the great scenes in the Frankenstein movies when the villagers with pitchforks and torches go after the folks in the castle on the hill.  Would that it could happen on Wall Street and the nation's corporate HQs.

Finally, this is a good read.


Anonymous said...

On Joe Monahan's blog today:

Another difficult moment for Berry came when Dinelli--egged on by Heh--launched a searing attack on the Mayor and APD for "desecrating" the scene when APD found the body of civil rights attorney Mary Han at her ABQ home in 2010. Heh did not bother with any niceties. He called the Han death "a murder."

It is an opinion you hear widely expressed around town but not as boldly as it was put by retired police seargent Heh to a statewide TV audience.

Isn't that what you have been saying?

Anonymous said...

Great analogy re villagers after Frankenstein! The whole country seems to be oblivious to politicians destroying our freedoms and acting only for themselves. "To the streets me buckos!"

Bubba Muntzer said...

One of the comments under Roger Simon's article (which takes Republicans to task for doing nothing but obstructing, tearing down, cutting off food stamps to hungry people, etc) points out that "the Republican congresspeople were elected by majorities in their districts to represent the wishes of their constituents."

True. It's us, not congress. We need to take to task the people who vote these bloodthirsty ghouls into office, just like during the Civil Rights movement the millions of Americans who had looked the other way for the previous 100 years of Jim Crow terror and humiliation were taken to task and had to face themselves in the mirror for the first time.

There's no one to do that but us.

But we need politicians who will do it too, and not just prance around the state getting their pictures taken at new businesses.

This new Democratic Party chair Sam Bregman sent out an email this morning that was what we need more of. It said things like "Congressman Pearce is a disgrace and embarrassment to New Mexico."

It took to task "Governor Martinez, feverishly working, under the radar to dismantle NM state government so that Tea Party Republicans will let her have a national political career."

Sam, and the rest of us, need to make our support of these hide under your desk Democrats contingent on them starting to do what they're supposed to do as elected officials which is to stand up and point out that we've become a nation of, on the one had wimps, who won't stand up to the savages and bullies in our midst.

Anonymous said...

He called comments like that whacko.