Sunday, September 08, 2013

Lowest Ever

Pete Dinelli continues to hover around 20% in his race to take the Mayor's office from Richard Berry.  That 20% number will also likely be the turnout of voters in this election.  If it even reaches that figure, it will be the lowest number ever in a Mayor's race.  One reason of course is the probable collusion of the Berry campaign staff with the City Clerk to keep that anti abortion issue off the ballot.   That suppresses the vote two ways.  One in helping Berry by not having a lot more prochoice folks going to the polls, and two by assuring confusion in the vote on this blatantly unconstitutional measure forced to a vote by fundamentalist religious operatives.  All of this has hurt Dinelli and made his quest much more difficult.

I am off for a couple of days to play golf in Pendaries, NM before the leaves fall.  


Anonymous said...

I am one of the callers who they called and I told them Pete. They also called me on a land line, and I can tell old farts like me only use landlines and I'm sure old farts like me vote for Berry.

Anonymous said...

The online petition for Han continues.

Any help would be appreciated.