Friday, September 06, 2013


Tonight starts our weekend of activities for our 50th St. Pius X high school reunion.  We  had 112 in our senior class and 56 will attend the weekend activities.  It should be a lot of fun.

My twin brother Tom and I were the smallest guys in the class  and often put up with having to stand in the front of every famous procession for the mother church.  What a pain! (Today is our 68th birthday.  He is two minutes older than me.)

We generally had a very good experience in high school.  With a class that small you got to know everyone and made life long friends.  We have had a few classmates pass away, but most of us are still doing great.

We were talking over coffee this morning wondering about a few of us who just seemingly disappeared from the face of the Earth.  You can't help but be curious about what happened to them.  I hope they are okay.

We also agreed that we enjoyed high school for the most part and that St. Pius, as we viewed it at that time, was a good place.  Looking back of course you can recognize all the problems at the school.  Many of our teachers weren't that great.  But some of them were gems.  The religious dogma has been pretty much washed off almost all of us, but the good parts remain with many of us in the form of trying to be decent by practicing the Seven Acts of Mercy and being generous when possible.  Those Seven Acts of Mercy can be seen here.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Happy Birthday!

I like those pictures.

Styles for portraits change. In mine, circa 1971, I was leaning forward and looking over at the photographer's right hand, but still not smiling.

There are a couple in common use now that annoy me. I've been collecting some for a blog post. In one style, the person looks like they're laughing. Most of the reporters' pictures at the Albuquerque Business Journal are like this now. It's mostly conservatives who use this one. I guess they want you to believe that they're happy beyond measure and it doesn't even bother them that there's a Black president.

There's also the looking sideways style and the mouth half open style which are used more by younger people. I guess they want to suggest that our schools are turning out idiots now.

Latina from Nuevo Mexico said...

Happy Birthday!