Tuesday, September 03, 2013

PNM Dangerous

Is PNM is daily endangering the public because of their lack of responsibility in keeping the street lights maintained?  The number of inoperable lights along I-40 west of the BIG I is a public safety hazard.  These lights have been out for months.  PNM bills the  approrpriate government entitites every month for the maintenance and power to keep these lights on, and they are failing to do so.  Will the city and state start auditing their performance?

Back when I was Mayor of the city I kept a log in my Mayor-mobile of every inoperable street or freeway light that I saw as I traveled to an fro in the evenings.  I would call PNM to get them fixed and they got right on the problem.  Now that PNM has become a typical bottom line corporate operation, one can only wonder if they even care about their abysmal record on this important public safety issue.  The media should get on them and stay on them.  And so should the city councillors.  They could get a volunteer from every neighborhood association to survey their areas every couple of weeks and send in an inventory of non functioning lights.  Of course one can only wonder if PNM has a quality control system for these lights.   After all, PNM is charging us for these lights and they should be working.

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