Monday, September 16, 2013

Where is the Legislature?

I spend a good amount of my time moaning about the lack of leadership in the Governor's Office and Mayor's Office in Albuquerque.  Susannah Martinez and Richard Berry are hiding in their gilded cocoons while on board a non rocking boat.  Don't make anyone mad and they will vote for you seems to be the mantra there.  They are doing a good job of it.  And nothing is happening.

But, where is the legislature?  Where are the democrats and some moderate republicans that could take matters into their own hands and create an economic development program and public works program that will employ some folks and replace much needed infrastructure?  Surely, out of 112 legislators there could be a leader that emerges to stoke the fires of compromise and progress.  Right?

But I can not remember any such great leader emerging from that legislative morass in Santa Fe in the last twenty years.  Don't get me wrong, there are good people serving there.  But where are the breakout leaders that can actually lead this state forward?  Are there any?  I am beginning to think there are not.  The only leadership that is exhibited is the kind that preserves the status quo.  That involves lobbyists buying lunches at the ever increasing number of interim committee meeting days. What a shame!

While it is always fund to poke the Gov and Mayor, maybe we should save some regular criticism for the lawmakers.

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