Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who's Who

Just as the Albuquerque Journal endorses Isaac Benton, democrat, for the City Council seat in the North Valley we now find out that his opponent Roxanna Meyers is more liberal than he is.  According to her.  We got our hands on a mailer that was obviously intended to hit young voters in which she criticizes Benton for not attending the Los Ranchos Gay Pride Parade, nor the Gay Pride festival and Expo New Mexico, nor did he attend the annual JCC awards Dinner in which a gay activist was honored.  She goes on to tout her efforts as councillor to get the APD to hire more gay officers and to have the Convention and Visitors Bureau market that city as Gay friendly.

She has a good in with the Pope these days.

And there was another funny thing in this race today.  Jerry Ginsburg, a democrat supporter, and a guy who is spending $40,000 on Meyer's behalf, sent out a missive on our neighborhood list serve saying he has found a pit bull near his home.  Some people would describe him as a pit bull for his unflinching support of Meyers.


Latina from Nuevo Mexico said...

The Journal endorsements are mere amusement to me. Most often, in the rare instance I actually read the editorials, I note which candidate is in the Journal's pocket and then give them a strike. I may ultimately vote for that candidate but the Journal endorsement is not something I see as positive overall. One day, maybe, we will have a newspaper -- virtual or physical -- that will actually be fair, impartial and thorough. Maybe we can hope for the same with our political leaders.

Bubba Muntzer said...

For anyone as unfamiliar with local politics as I am the League of Women Voters has some basic information about where to vote, when etc., and answers by the candidates to a set of League questions on this page:

It seems Isaac Benton doesn't want backhoes and bulldozers down in the bosque. That's a positive in my book, but I'm not in his district.

My west side councilor Ken Sanchez is running unopposed. I don'tthink this is because of a lack of community interest. I and a lot of my neighbors on the far west side were under the impression we were part of Mexico.

If we call the police or fire department they say they never heard of our street.