Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Kudos to UNM President Bob Frank and his 'Innovate Albuquerque Plan.'  He has shown a real understanding of  urban issues by wanting to put a major development downtown.  It is something I tried to get done when I was Mayor, but the then Board of Regents were so influenced by sprawl developers that they wouldn't even consider putting student housing down there.  Bob Frank is doing more to get UNM involved in the rest of the community than any other President I have seen.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that APD has as high a rating from the public as they do.  That is because most folks see them as protectors and helpers.  Mostly they are, but those bad eggs on the force cause an awful lot of people to be unsure of them.

I don't think things would move these numbers very much no matter what happened.  The fact that so many republicans will  blindly support a police force is not something that can be changed.  I guess they are all afraid of the rest of us and see the cops as their  private security apparatus.


Anonymous said...

So the public gives APD a 50% and this time last year Ray Schultz gave APD a 94%.....yeah the bad apples are high in the chain of command....FAIL!

Anonymous said...

Many of the political cronies of Richardson remain with UNM including David Harris. The UNM admin had a lot of scandals over the years. Some thought Frank was going to clean house. Maybe he will eventually - he needs to.