Sunday, September 08, 2013

Old Friends

Before we could go to Saint Pius X high school we had to pass through various catholic schools around Albuquerque.  During our fifty year reunion we gathered some of the kids that went to Our Lady of Fatima Heights Catholic School.  We are all around 68 years old and look sort of okay.

We held a nice dinner at Casa Rodena Winery in the north valley on Saturday night.  There weren't enough wine glasses at the Winery.  Seriously!  But it was a beautiful evening.

Mostly, it was a really relaxing and comfortable weekend seeing long lost friends.  We rang the school bell for each of our departed classmates.  Twelve in all.  It was really easy to recall why you liked all those who attended,  and promises have been made to stay in touch.  Some golf games have already been arranged! 

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